Are You Listening?

Audio is having a moment. In fact, the audiobook and podcasting market are expanding faster than the overall media and entertainment market according to a 2020 report from Deloitte. They estimated that the global audiobook market will grow by 25% and the global podcasting market will increase by 30%, surpassing $1 Read more…

Cinerama Dome

What If There Are No More Movie Theaters?

When movie theaters closed March 2020 in response to COVID, we all thought it would be for a brief period of time and certainly not forever. Unfortunately that is the case for my neighborhood theaters which happen to be the Pacific Theater at the Americana and the Arclight in Hollywood, not to mention the legendary Cinerama Dome. Now all we have left is a nearly 100 year old theater, The Vista, which still hasn’t re-opened. It’s discouraging, especially when we were so close to being able to return to our old movie going habit.