A New Chapter

At MPRM Communications, we are privileged to work with some amazing storytellers, from independent filmmakers to entrepreneurs who set out to change the world. But just like the proverbial shoemaker’s children who go without shoes, they often need help in crafting their own stories. Because it is our business, we are also keen observers of other practitioners of the art of storytelling, whether in service of an issue, business, promotion or simply to entertain. What we plan to undertake here is a weekly look at the different ways storytelling can be used from transporting audiences to motivating change to building a business or creating awareness.

The peaceful transfer of power in our country is something that we as Americans have long taken for granted. This year an insurrection put that into question; however, once again democracy won out and a new president and vice president were sworn into office, a few minutes before noon January 20. In his inaugural speech President Biden spoke of the need to continue the American story with a new chapter while acknowledging the challenges before us. He spoke eloquently about the need for unity, despite the divisions that have racked this country.

Storytelling is something that we as communicators take very seriously. We believe deeply in the value of owning your narrative — telling your own story instead of ceding it to others — which is why President Biden’s reference to storytelling resonated with us, as did his pointed comments about the importance of shared truth. Creative writing should rest with authors and screenwriters whose goal it is to entertain us. It does not mean creating alternative facts; hopefully a chapter that we can begin to close.

Bringing a divided nation together is a task that would appear to be daunting except for the fact that so many are already committed to bridging the big political gap. Our client, The Reunited States, a documentary presented by Director, Ben Rehki, with Executive Producers Van Jones and Meghan McCain, shines a light on a disparate group of individuals who have been working to bring together people whose politics differ. Among them are Susan Bro, mother of Heather Heyer, who was killed at the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville; former Republican political consultant David Leaverton, who with his family travels to all 50 states on a listening tour; Greg Orman who ran as an Independent for Governor of Kansas and Steven Olikara who started The Millennial Action Project, to bring together a bipartisan coalition of young legislators from across the country. Their common thread is the importance of listening to others whether they agree with you or not.

President Biden’s call for unity means turning words into action, which is always a challenge. The resources provided over the closing credits of The Reunited States include Listen First Movement and Bridge Alliance, both of which represent a coalition of organizations dedicated to bringing people together to transform division. They are a great starting point for those of us who want to help write that next chapter.MPRM Communications

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